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Tom McShane - Founder

Tom has been fortunate to have operated in some of the wildest and remotest destinations on the planet; travelling to and working in over 100 countries on six different continents and in all environments. He is an award winning photographer, an experienced expedition leader, travel consultant, producer, director, and location manager for TV productions. 


Tom served in the British Army where he led Combat Camera Teams to areas including Iraq and Afghanistan and was responsible for placing stories involving the Armed Forces in the international Press. 


Tom was Production Photographer, Expedition Leader and Location Manager for the epic world first expedition, ‘Walking The Nile”; where Explorer Levison Wood set out to be the first person to walk the length of the River Nile. This was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary and Tom’s Images of this expedition have been published world-wide, on front covers of best-selling books, magazines and newspapers. Tom went on to manage the hugely successful second series, “Walking the Himalayas”, where Levison walked from Afghanistan to Bhutan. Tom has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society. 


The renowned series of videos for Jägermeister, called the Ice Cold Gigs were planned, produced and directed by Tom. He had sole responsibility for the photography and led the video which won a Guinness World Record for performing the first ever gig on a moving Iceberg in Greenland!


Tom McShane has won and been nominated for several awards. As a successful photographer, his portfolio of the Mundari tribe in South Sudan resulted in him being shortlisted in the finals of the prestigious International Travel Photographer of The Year and his photographic  study on the loss of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan, gained him second place in the Professional Portfolio category of the Wanderlust Travel Photographer of The Year.



"Tom is one of those rare triple treats, a phenomenal expedition planner and leader, a brilliant producer with a true understanding of storytelling and a bloody good photographer to boot! If he wasn't so nice, capable, humble and helpful you'd have to hate him for being so darn talented. He was invaluable to our team while we were producing our TV series Unplugged in Nepal, Geopolitical issues meant we had to pivot to a totally new location within days of starting our shoot, but he came up with a Plan B, handled all of the logistics seamlessly and kept our production team together, upbeat, happy and efficient. We managed to film and do more than we ever expected and the project was a great success because of him. I couldn’t recommend him more highly”  - Caroline Pemberton: Australian TV presenter and producer.


“The Ice Cold Gig has grown and evolved into our flagship brand project but without Tom this would not be the case, it really is as simple as that. He has an incredible work ethic, attention to detail and the highest possible project management and organisation skills which is driven by his sheer guts and determination to succeed. He is extremely solution focused and nothing is ever a problem, and he seems unbreakable and unbeatable. The only question around Tom is ‘Does he ever sleep?’ as we have never ever experienced anyone who is so on-the-ball all of the time” - Tom Carson: Jagermeister

Press and publications

// National Geographic Traveller // Lonely Planet // Red Bull Online // The Times //GQ Magazine // Conde Nast Traveller magazine // The Telegraph // BBC online // Metro // The Independent // Wanderlust Magazine // Travel Play Live Magazine // View Magazine // The independent // The Guardian // The Sun // British Airways High Life Magazine // Walking the Nile, book cover and plate images // Walking the Himalayas book and plate images // Channel 4 // Jazeera Magazine // Kenya Airways Msfari Magazine // Flight Centre Magazine // Evening Standard // Craghoppers // Clinique // Jägermeister // Locker Magazine // Belstaff // Guinness Book of Records // Focus: Polar Lands, book // Radio Times // Daily Mail // Mail Online // Express // Mirror // Bremont // IWC // Menswear magazine //  Adventure Travel Magazine // Outdoor Adventure Guide // Active Traveller // Bing Channel 9 // Kerrang Magazine // Metal Hammer // MTV // NME Magazine // Animal Planet // Discovery Channel // Mode Magazine // The City Magazine // Soldier Magazine

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